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In-Store Promotor

The presence of an In-Store Promotor will help to deliver your brand message and explain product knowledge to consumers, which ultimately will increase your revenue through impulse buying. The promotor plays a crucial role in switching of brands by the consumers to your brand. The promotor will also be essential to collect shopper feedback and to gather consumers’ insights.


Merchandising is the key driver to engage shoppers. It’s not about what products available to its customers at all touch points, it’s also how those products are merchandised (Planogram, POS design and deployment) that it stimulates interest and entices customers to make a purchase. By focusing on availability, accessibility, and visibility, a retailer can motivate customers to want to spend money.

Direct Selling

Direct Selling has been popular for a long time, even since the dawn of civilization. The main advantage of direct selling is the relationship between salesperson and customer is one-on-one. The products sale will frequently be made through personal contact arrangements to enable our team to generate trial and product demonstration to the targeted customers. This activity has a proven track to be effective particularly when it engages with a lower SES.


Product availability and penetration is the ultimate priority to drive sales in the market. Not only delivering products at all touch points, but also taking an order and capture a whole host of information whilst in store which giving a snapshot of what is going on across the channels. 

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